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A monotheistic religion which believes that a covenantal relationship is established between God and Children of Israel. A way of Jewish people. Hebrew bible also called as Tanakh is the basis of the religion.

This is a religion which claims to be more than 3000 years old having its roots since bronze age in middle east. Judaism followers believes that God gave his commandments to Moses at Mt Sinai in both written and oral Torah. Many aspects of Judaism have affected Islam, Christianity, and Bahai religion too. Moses is considered as the greatest prophet of Judaism.

The basis of Jewish philosophy is Torah or five books of Moses. There are 613 commandments in Torah applicable to men, women, farmers etc. Jewish recites prayers three times a day, Shacharit,Mincha and Ma’ariv. On holidays and Shabbat(rest day of the week), a fourth prayer is also added.

The three festivals celebrated by Jewish are: 1.Pass over to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt , begins on 14th day of Nisan-the first month as per Hebrew calendar. It is centered on home service. 2. Shvout: it celebrates the revelations of Torah at Mt Sinai.Jewish decorate homes, read Book of Ruth, wear white clothes. 3. Sukkot : Commemorates the 40 years of wandering through the desert and reaching the promised land.