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Shinto is the world tenth largest religion. It can not be said that it has a firm doctrine like other religion have . This folk religion developed in pre-historic Japan. Shinto followers worship a number of natural spirits which they called as 'kami'. They are believed to be present everywhere and some are thought to be favorable and some unfavorable. It is also said that very old trees are the house of these kami.Amaterasu Omikami is considered as the main and highest deity of Shinto.

Two main texts that are the core of this religion and describe all the mythological background of the religion are 'Kojiki' and 'Nihon Shoki'. These were compiled during 8th century AD. These texts also details the rituals, customs which were existing in older times.
Followers of Shinto believe in ethical and moral concepts which guide their lives. Along with this harmony among people and community, harmony with nature, Loyality with country and to the society and discouraging misbehaviour are also the tenets of Shinto. Shinto celebrates New year day when a ritual purification of home is done. Also Obon festival is celebrated for departed ancestors. Cherry blossom festival marks the return of spring season.