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Taoism is a modern thought of religion which emphasizes on living in harmony.In fact it is a philosophical and religious tradition. Taoism tends to naturalness, simplicity,and also spontaneity. It also boast three treasures namely moderation, humility and compassion. This thought Taoism has a great impact on Chinese culture. The two text books Tao Te Ching written by sage Laozi and writings of Zhuangzi are termed as foundation of Taoism. It is believed to be written in 6th century BC . Laozi is regarded as the founder of Taoism.
There are four components as referred in Taoism.

1. Philosophical Taoism.
2. Methods for achieving ecastacy.
3. Practice for gaining immortality or longevity.
4. Exorcism.

Taoism gained much importance and also official status during the Tang dynasty from 618 AD to 907 AD. Taoism today is one of the five religions recognized by People's Republic of China. It is also practiced in Taiwan where there are many followers of Taoism.