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Zoroastrianism : A very old religion which was founded by prophet Zoroaster . He is believed to be lived in the era spanning 680 BC to 583 BC. He was born in today’s Ajerbejan. Original name of Zoroaster is Zarathustra as it is found in Avesta the holiest book for the followers of Zoroastrianism. He was believed to perform various acts of power when he was very young. It is also said that there were various indications before he took birth. Zarathustra went for meditation in mountain areas in order to seek some divinity. He was around 20 years of age then and after about 10 years in the age of near 30 , he attained some mystical visions. It is said that in all there were seven mystical visions. On the basis of the same , Zarathustra developed his philosophy. He was taken to the throne of the Creator of this world called as Ahura Mazda as scripted in Avesta where he was given some wisdom preachings. These are mentioned in the holy book as seventeen hymes.

The religion Zoroastrianism has three main commands which are to be practiced by the followers of the religion. They are Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. Fire is believed to be the basis of other creations and that why fire is a prominent and essential feature in all the ceremonies performed by the followers. When ever they pray, they keep their faces towards sun or moon as they regard sun and moon as the fire power and also Ahura Mazda.

Yazd region of Iran where their six holiest shrines are situated, is a strong hold area of this faith. An yearly pilgrimage is done on these places. Every village in this Yazd region has its own fire temple where all rituals are performed. Pilgrims experience the spiritual environment and take part in the rituals.